Karen Newby












I graduated from Trinity College of Music with a 2/1 honours

degree (GTCL), and also have a Licentiate degree (LTCL)

from the same college. I teach piano, violin and theory,

and several of my former pupils now have careers in music.

I teach all ages and abilities, from beginners to advanced,

and the main criteria is the enjoyment of the music.

If required, I train students to pass the Grade Examinations

which take place 3 times a year. Everyone moves at their

own pace, and some students prefer to study just for the

achievement of learning new pieces.

I aim to give all my students the ability to play pieces they

enjoy, and the inspiration to continue with their music

and reach the best standard of which they are capable.


Student Summer Concert


Haldane Room

Wilkins Building 

Gower St

London WC1E 6BT

Tuesday 18th July 6.00pm-8.00pm