Karen Newby

About Me










A pianist with 'warmth, artistry and musicality', able to provide 
'a good balance of music and variety', 'beautiful piano playing' 
and to make 'our day of celebrations really special'
An accomplished, versatile piano/vocalist, with an ever expanding repertoire 
covering all styles, Karen performs in 5 star venues at home and abroad. 
Classically trained, she has a flawless piano technique which is equally at home 
playing jazz standards, show tunes and chart hits. Add mellow vocals and
 a wicked sense of humour and you have the perfect music for your event.
Her skills as an accompanist are as relevant for open mic 
and 'impromptu guest participation' as they are for opera and classical recitals. 
As a teacher Karen inspires students to achieve their best, 
with several professional musicians among her former students.
Music is life, and life is music. Let Karen and her music make your day special.